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Affordable Home is your home you can really afford and still enjoy the life. You can choose a studio unit, an apartment, a house… All depends on your budget, your personal choice and your current situation.

Everybody needs a home, but nowadays it is not as simple.. everyone wants to have you for your money. In the current system everyone wants to squeeze from you as much as possible, thus, your dwelling which you make your home will always cost you… your lifetime! 30 years to pay for your home, while you are still young, want to life at full and have your own family.

Paying a rent you are loosing your money, which never come back.

You can have 5,79% home loan for 30 years and buy an “affordable” (as they think) good house for $650000. Yes, but if you calculate, you will see that it is $130,000 of your deposit, $520,000 of loan, and $577,210 of bank interest!!! SO you pay now slowly but $1,097,210 for a house with $650,000 of current price tag… So, you buy your house for yourself and another as big house to your bank… That is how they have you…

You can say: Yes, but my house will grow in price and in 30 years MAYBE it will cost that full price of $1,097,210. Well, MAYBE you are right and maybe not as you don’t know the future in 30!!! years. OK, but you are already paying that price in 30 years may potentially be.

The wise decision is to pay for your home you can afford now, still enjoying the life. If you don’t have the money, you can get home loan for 10 years only and loose much less money and have more spare money to enjoy the life now.

Vital Ideal Solutions comes to New Zealand to help kind Kiwi to be happy and enjoy the life having an affordable home, which you will be able to upgrade any time when you need it.

To have your affordable home you can buy from Vital Ideal Solutions:

  1. a comfortable and warm privet room with privet bathroom and shared kitchen and living room,
  2. an all in one modern studio,
  3. a modern European apartment,
  4. a section in a modern townhouse,
  5. a stylish warm house for your budget.

Low cost central heating is included and may depend on your location.

Build your affordable home with Affordable Home ™ for a friendly price!

If you already bought a house and paying that double price, you can sell your house and build a new one with Affordable Home ™.

Are you in? Oh, wait a bit, one more thing for you – a bonus of 10% discount* for all who works with Vital Ideal Solutions: our dear full-time employees, subcontractors and our dear permanent clients – business partners.

* Terms and conditions may apply.

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