Local Contractors ™ is a team of qualified specialists in various fields with a great technical support by experts to deliver the best service available on the market to our customers.

Our specialists come not only with valuable skills and technical support but also with a support of our Local Supplier ™ to have equipment and spares required to have the job done.

Choose a service you are after:

A single contract with Local Contractors ™, as future proof HR, will give you the following benefits:

  • you save on searching new specialists,
  • you save on training and courses,
  • you save on supply like tools, safety boots, uniform, gifts and so on,
  • you save on managing and processing specialists to HR, accountants, managers,
  • you save on annual and other leaves, sick days, KiwiSaver, ACC and taxes for specialists,
  • you save on managing multiple contracts,
  • you have flexibility with number of right specialists currently needed,
  • you can have some departments or even all your employees as our specialists under your or our management to have the best efficiency and flexibility,
  • you have all spares and equipment needed from our Local Supplier ™ for a right price.
  • Business Optimizer ™ will optimize your business for less down time, more efficiency and profit.

As a result, you save a lot of money and efforts, and make your business flexible and effective, have qualified specialists, equipment, spares and resources all just in one contract and one bill.

If you prefer a real flexibility, professionalism, and a reliable business partner to make your business effective and competitive in 21st century, you are most welcome and can contact us describing your business needs we can help with.

* Some benefits, will come soon.

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