Long healthy life provider

The Creator’s Cross™ has a wise alternative offer – preventative advanced medicine. Having regular health checks in our centers you always keep your health strong to enjoy the long life.

The Creator’s Cross™ is created to develop and conduct preventative medicine to bring the quality of longer life. It is our unprofitable project with a separate bank account. All the money will stay in the project only.

Purposes of The Creator’s Cross™ project:

  • Human studies and researches
  • Creating and developing methods of early recognition of health declines
  • Creating and developing health diagnostic equipment and methods
  • Creating diagnostic centers with advanced equipment and top experts
  • Regular health diagnostics
  • Personal health planning and corrections
  • Gathering and analyzing health statistic data
  • Researching and advising on long life questions

For more information please visit The Creator’s Cross™ project website creatorscross.org