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Residential, commercial, industrial Local Contractors ™ are

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1) Text us or do the form with written details to save the time for spelling and avoid misunderstanding.

2) We contact you to confirm that we have got your details and arrange the time for our contractor to come to the specified address with right tools to do the job.

3) When the job is properly done, we will sent you the bill and pay instructions.

Our current transparent rates per hour reflect job difficulty and are:

  • Unqualified job (right skill) – $30 per hour of a contractor
  • Qualified job (trade certificate, license) – $60 per hour of a contractor
  • Highly qualified job (Diploma) – $90 per hour of a contractor
  • Additional expenses come on the top of that (may include travel, spares, materials, hired equipment…)
  • One year warranty* is included!

Contact options for your convenience

A) Text from you phone or

If you have a job to be done just text to 021 041 8100:

  1. Your name,
  2. Address,
  3. Suitable time,
  4. The job to be done.

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